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Octopus of the deep
Octopus of the deep (hmet015)
Octopus of the deep sea, ocean, recycled metal, Haitian wall art, 38cm
Price $19.95
Mermaid wall decor
Mermaid wall decor (haad04)
Sculpture of mermaid with fishes, myth legends fantasy art. Size 38x16cm.
Price $14.95
Metal sea turtle
Metal sea turtle (haaf04)
Metal sea turtle, handmade recycled oil drum art in Haiti. Size 15cm.
Price $8.95
Metal Fish
Metal Fish (htaa150)
Metal fish decor, Haitian oil drum wall art, animal sculpture
Price $24.95
Ocean fish decor
Ocean fish decor (htab27)
Handmade metal fishes, decoration of home, haitian metal artwork size 37cm.
Price $15.95
Metal fishes
Metal fishes (htab28)
Handmade metal fishes, metal fish wall art, size 35cm
Price $15.95
Metal fishes
Metal fishes (htab29)
Handmade metal fishes wall decor, metal artwork for walls
Price $15.95
Fishes haitian sculpture
Fishes haitian sculpture (htab30)
Metal fishes wall decor handmade of Haitian oil drum, 35x32cm
Price $15.95
Fishes decor
Fishes decor (htab33)
Metal fishes sculpture, art home wall decor handmade in Haiti. Size 60cm.
Price $24.95
Metal Sea Turtle
Metal Sea Turtle (htaa196)
Swimming sea turtle, Haitian metal art, animal sculpture. Size 30cm.
Price $19.95

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